Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekly Training October 9-15

3 weeks to go until the New York City Marathon. This was a great week of training as I had two longer workouts go pretty good. Thursday's tempo run felt incredibly easy and I think if I kept going I could of been 1:10-1:11 for a half marathon which would be a PR so that was a great sign. It was also my sixth consecutive 100 mile week and 11 out of the last 12 weeks have been over 100 miles! Anyways here is the training for the week and thanks for reading!

Monday:  AM: 11.2 no time on it just easy recovery.
                 PM: 5.1 miles at 7:30 pace.   Daily Total: 16.3 miles

Tuesday:  AM: Day off from work. 12.2 miles at 6:50 pace with 6 strides.

Wed:        PM: Held off on the workout tired! Easy 12.5 miles no time on it.

Thursday:  AM: Easy 3.5 mile shakeout.
                   PM: 5.1 miles of warming up/cooling down. Workout 11.2 miles in 62:00(532)
                   Workout was 7 miles 37:30(521 pace) 1/2 mile jog then 11 by min on min off.
                   Daily Total: 19.8 miles

Friday:      AM: Easy 5.8  mile morning run.
                  PM: Easy 8.2 miles at 725 pace. Legs dead! Daily Total: 14 miles

Saturday-  AM: Easy 10.5 miles with 5 strides in 77:00( 7:20). Quads sore.

Sunday:   AM: 97% humidity to start and legs dead so I went with pickups by feel today. 6 easy, 14 by 3 minutes on 2 minutes off(11.8 miles which was 5:55 pace), 5 easy. Total 22.8 miles in 2:30 (6:35 pace)

Weekly Total: 108.1 miles.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekly Training Oct 2-Oct 8

Another 100 mile week in the books and four weeks to go until New York! This was an ok week of training as I modified Thursday's workout as I did not feel good of allergies. Then the weather was rough on Sunday so I changed the tempo to a depletion run. The long run went great and I felt strong throughout the run without gels or water. So although I did not do any big workouts this week it was still a solid week of training. The upcoming week weather wise looks great(60's low humidity) so the goal is to get two tempos in this week.

Also wanted to quickly mention the Chicago Marathon. What a great day with Rupp winning, Hasay running a 2:20, and most importantly my athlete Nick running 2:57 and a 10 minute PR as he qualified for Boston. No better feeling as coach then seeing one of athlete's hard work pay off with a breakthrough performance! Congrats to Nick on a great race! Hoping these performances will motivate me to get it after it training wise these next two weeks.

Weekly Training October 2-8

Monday- Off day from training as I got treatment at the sports Chiro. I did do an easy 4 mile jog before the appointment just to shake the legs out. 
Tuesday-  AM: Easy 6.1 miles
                  PM:  Leg Speed day. 5 by 30 and 5 by 25 second strides with minute rest starting at mile 7. 12.5 total in 1:26( 6:53) Total: 18.6
Wed-       AM:  Easy 5.5 miles. 
                 PM:  11 miles @7:15 pace. Toke it easy as I am going to work out tomorrow. Total:16.5
Thursday- PM:  11.2 miles of warming up/cooling down. Then 5.2 miles in 29:30(5:40 pace) of alternating 40 second hard/ 50 seconds easy. Originally planned a tougher workout but allergies were bad today as I had that sleepy feeling all day.   It was also warm(80) so that combo just had me dragging. Was surprised to run this smaller workout that fast! 531, 539, 553,545, 542 were the splits. 
Total 16.4 miles on the day

Friday-    AM- 5 miles. 
                 PM- Easy 9 @ 7:15 pace. Daily total: 14 miles.

Saturday- Easy 10.5 with 5 strides @ 7:20 pace. Toke it real slow as I want to do a bigger workout tomorrow.

Sunday- Plans changed today. Woke up to 75 degrees, 90% humidity, 20 mph winds. So that combo just made me realize marathon pace running was going to be tough and 3 years ago 5 weeks out from Toronto we had similar conditions and I went ahead with the workout and it didn’t go great and it toke a while to recover from. So I decided to play it safe and go for two bigger workouts next week since fall weather is moving in on Wed! So I did a depletion run with no gels or water on this run. 24 miles in 2:42(6:45). Felt strong and the pace felt so easy the entire way.

Weekly total: 104 miles on the week even with Monday being a light/off day. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekly Training September 25-October 1

Weekly Training September 25- October 1
Another 110 mile week in the books. Was planning some tempo running on Sunday's run but I was totally wiped out physically and mentally. This always happens to me at least once during a long run during the marathon cycle. I was able to throw some 800's/400's into the long run at HM pace during the last 8 miles which was nice. Thursday's workout went great as that is faster then I normally do that workout. So another solid week in the books. 5 weeks to go!

Monday- 13.1 miles @ 7:14 pace. Lower calf was very tight so first 4 were slow( 7:30) last half much    better. Yesterday’s hilly long run made the calf tight.

Tuesday-   AM: Easy 5.9 miles.

                   PM: Leg Speed. 10 by 25 seconds hard with minute rest at the park. 12.1 total(6:47 pace).     Daily Total: 18.1 miles.

Wednesday- AM: Easy 5.7 miles

                       PM: 10.6 @ 7:15 pace. Hot and humid again as this run was a struggle.  Daily Total: 16.3

Thursday-  PM: 5.6 warmup/cooldown miles. Workout: 2 mile tempo @ HM pace(10:40) 3 min rest
25 by min on min off. The last pickup I did 80 seconds instead of a minute just to get 63:00 and 11 miles which is 5:43 pace. Great workout overall as last two miles were the fastest part of the fartlek which meant I was running in control early on! Mile splits of the workout were:
515, 526, 615(3min jog in it), 544, 549, 543, 548, 600, 546, 539, 533. Daily Total: 16.6 miles

Friday-   AM: Easy 5.5 (Heel sore to start)

                PM: Legs tired/Heel a little tender. 9 miles in 66:20( 7:22 pace).  Daily Total: 14.5 miles

Saturday- 11 miles with 6 strides in 78:20( 7:07 pace)

Sunday-Ran over in Weymouth at the Naval Base. Ran through some neighborhoods and some of the base area. Did not feel great warming up and mentally I was just cooked as its been a stressful week and I was just not focused enough to do a tempo/ hard workout. Just felt run down and body tired today.

However starting at mile 12 I did an 800 at the start of every mile for miles 12, 13, 14, 15 and then a 400 to start miles 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Just to get a little bit of fast running in there. Was running 2:35-2:40 range on the 800's and 75-78 on the 400's. Mile 13 on were 606, 611, 610 , 600 for the 800's. And for the 400's were in the 6:30 range. 22 miles total in 2:27:30(6:42 pace).

Weekly Total: 111.5 miles. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Weekly Training September 18-24

Weekly Training September 18-24

Another solid week of training as I was pleasantly surprised to get in 100 miles with taking Monday off! Thursday's workout went great as the weather was not very good. Gusty windy 25-30 mph made it tough but I still managed marathon pace for the 10 mile fartlek. Sunday's long run I went back to do a hilly long run with sprints at the end. I did this for a long run every other weekend the year I ran a PR( 2:29) at Boston so I thought this was a good week to do this. I had been struggling with a cold all week and Say/Sunday was dragging a bit from it so getting in a hilly long run was a better option then a long tempo which would of been tough. 6 weeks to go until NYC! Thanks for Reading!

Monday- Off (Chiro Treatment on heel/calf/achilles). Got home after 6 and decided to take a complete rest day since the heel has been nagging me lately. The doctor thought the foot wasn't that bad as it was much better then last spring. Not as much inflammation and mobility was pretty good. 
Tuesday-  AM: Easy 6 miles
                  PM: 12 with some leg speed work. At mile 8 went into 12 by 25 seconds leg speed work with minute rest. 12 miles in 1:23:20( 657 pace). Daily Total: 18 miles
Wed-        AM: Easy 5.4 before work in the rain.
                  PM: Easy 11 no time on it just got the miles in. Daily Total: 16.5 miles
Thurs-  PM: Tough weather today. 20-25 mph winds and gusts reaching 30. 3.3 warmup/ 3.1 cool down.
Workout:  First fartlek meant to be close to 3k, 2k, 1k, 1k repeats. Second fartlek I was going to stick with 1k’s but I was just losing focus of the wind! Solid workout overall though.
10 min hard(1.9 miles) 3 min easy
7 min hard ( 2 min easy)
2 by 3 minutes hard with( 1 min easy jogs)
5.2 in 29:00 minutes
3 min jog then into 13 by min on min off. I just don't think I could hold pace much longer then minute pickups as the gusts were increasing.
Total 10 miles 57:00( 5:42 pace). 36 minutes of hard running 21 minutes easy. Daily Total: 16.4 miles.

Friday-    AM: Easy 6.
                PM: Easy 9.5 in 69:45( 7:21 pace). Daily Total: 15.5 miles
Saturday- AM: Tired and congested this morning possible cold coming on. 11.5 with 6 strides at the park. First 4 around 7:30 last 7.5 miles ( 7:00 pace). 11.5 in 1:23:35 ( 7:16 pace). Daily Total: 11.5
Sunday- AM: Pretty tired and out of this morning. Definitely dragging a bit from a cold. Nothing major just congestion and a general tired feeling. So I didn't want to do a long tempo as I just thought that would be to much stress on the body. Did 8 long hills in Brockton from miles 3-15. Each hill was at least a half mile and I ran steady up the hills. At 2 hours 8 minutes went into 10 by 40 seconds on with a minute rest in between to work on some turnover when the legs were beat. Was dragging by this point as it was warm(80's) and humid for late September. Total 23.5 miles in 2:36:11( 6:39 pace) with 1080 ft of elevation change which is pretty good for this area. 
Weekly Total: 101.3 miles on 6 days!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekly Training September 11-17: 7 Weeks to NYC!

Weekly Training September 11-17

Solid week of training this week as I have been dealing with a bit of heel/Achilles soreness in the mornings but it ok during the runs. The two big runs this week was just a moderate workout on Thursday where I worked on some 5k-10k pace stuff. Then Sunday's long run was a long fartlek which I have not done in a while. Looking at old training logs this was a staple workout during the years I ran a PR so I got back to it this week. It fit in the schedule nicely as Sunday was very humid so it was easier doing random pickups instead of a long tempo. The long run fartlek was made famous by Bill Squires back in the 70's when his athletes won Boston numerous times. It just teaches the body to run fast when tired throughout the entire run. I plan to write a more detailed blog post on this type of workout in the future. So thanks for reading and here is this week's training!

Monday- Easy 13 with no time on the run. Heel was sore so I just kept the pace relaxed. 

Tuesday- AM: Easy shakeout run of 5.6 miles. 
                PM: 11.5 in 1:17:43( 6:45 pace). Leg speed day did 10 by 20 seconds at the park with 60 seconds rest in between. Daily Total: 17.1 miles

Wed-      AM: Easy shakeout run before work of 6 miles. 
               PM: Very easy 10 miles 73:00( 7:18 pace)

Thurs-    PM: 15.6 total. Did a moderate workout today as it was humid and I wanted to save something for a  tougher weekend workout. Did a fartlek: 5, 4, 3, 2, 3 by minute with minute rest. 4.15 miles in 23:00(5:35 pace). The 5 min pickup was at 5:04 pace.  Jogged .7 miles then did a 3 mile fartlek of running 40 seconds hard/ minute easy( 200's) in 17:55(5:59 pace). 

Friday-   AM:  Easy 5.8 before work. 
               PM: Easy 60 mins( 8.2 miles which is 7:18 pace)

Saturday-  AM: 80 mins with 6 by 20 seconds strides at the park. 11.1 miles( 7:12). Kept it easy as I have a bigger workout planned tomorrow. 

Sunday- AM: 4.1 warmup very humid 98% humidity felt lousy.Did a long run fartlek of 14.5 miles in 1:26. Then an easy cooldown. Total 22 miles in 2:20(6:21 pace)
Long Run Fartlek Workout
Did 10 hard, 10 easy
5 by 2 minutes with 3 minutes rest( pickup every 5 mins)
5 mins easy ( watched got screwed up here as it kept running when I grabbed water so I had to estimate a bit)
10 minutes hard, 5 easy.
15 by min hard/ 45 seconds easy.
Pretty solid workout as I got 14.5 miles in somewhere between 86 and 86:30 depends on the watch malfunction I think it was a closer to 86 minutes( 5:56 pace).
              PM: Easy 15-20 min shakeout. Used to do this all the time after hard longs runs as it helps recovery. No time on it but it was as slow as I could make myself go and probably close to 9 min pace. 2.2 miles as this run is more about recovery then the miles but I figured I would still log it when I am running this many miles!

Weekly Total: 108.8 miles

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weekly Training September 3- September 10

Weekly Training September 3- September 10

Very good bounce back week after last week’s setback. Going into this week I didn’t know what to expect as the heel/achilles/lower calf area was tight for the first half of the week. I almost skipped working out on Thursday but I decided to give it a try and I told myself that if the foot got sore I would stop. So glad I went ahead with it as it was a solid workout. I kept the pace pretty controlled since I was nervous but the 15 min tempo was at 5:19 pace and the entire fartlek was run at marathon pace. This was a good sign as the fartlek consisted of 31 minutes of hard running and 18:30 of easy jogging.  Sunday was a long depletion run with 10 by one minute pickups starting at mile 20. Mile splits for mile 21, 22, 23 were 5:51 pace and I ended up covering the marathon distance in 2:54:50( 6:40). Overall a great bounce back week of training!

Monday-  Med long run. Heel/calf sore to start but got better as I went along. 15.5 miles in 1:47:38( 6:57)

Tuesday-  AM: Easy 5.1 miles before work.

                  PM: Easy 75 mins. 10.6 miles @ 7:05 pace. Daily total: 15.7 miles.

Wednesday-  PM: Cancelled workout. Very humid and just drained as school was hot. Did an easy 12 around town no time on it. Ran about 5 miles with one of the high school kids that was out running. Good to run with someone for a change.

Thursday-  AM: Easy 4 before work.

                    PM: 6 miles of warming up/ cooldown. Workout of 15 min tempo(2.82 miles @5:19)/ 3:30 rest/16 by min on min off. Covered 8.7 miles in 49:30( 5:41 pace) Daily total: 18.7 miles

Friday-  PM: Easy 80 mins. Legs tired, body tired from staying up watching the pats. First 5 was at 730 pace before I started feeling better. 11 miles @ 7:16 pace.

Saturday-  AM: easy 60 minutes ( 8.2 miles @7:19 pace)

                    PM: Easy 4 mile shakeout. Daily Total: 12.2 miles.

Sunday-   Depletion long run. Did 10 by min on min off starting at mile 20 and split 5:51 for the next three miles. Solid long run and only toke water at mile 20 and no gels! Covered 26.2 miles in 2:54:50( 6:40 pace)
Weekly Total: 111.2 miles

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Weekly Training: August 28-September 3

This week was a bit of a challenge for me as it did not go as planned. On Tuesday I planned on a taking an off day where I just did a real slow 4 mile shakeout run. I had this day planned for weeks as I just wanted a light day before the new school year started on Wednesday. I planned to workout on Wednesday but my lower calf muscles were real tight so I held off. On my morning run Thursday I had stiffness in the heel area that stayed with me throughout the day. This really scared me a bit as it was the same area as last spring's injury. I decided to play it safe and take Friday and Saturday off and just use this week as a recovery week. I debated this plan for a few hours but after reading the NAZ elite training logs it helped calm my mind. Several of there pro athletes were taking a real light week of training( 2 days off, 2 real light days of training) so this gave me the confidence I needed to rest and treat the foot so I can get back at it next week.  I am feeling optimistic that the rest will help. I am not an athlete that normally plays it safe but as I age( 35 going on 36) I realize I have to listen to my body more and might have to be more cautious. So here is last week's training as it is nothing special but I got 9 more weeks of training to hit some big workouts before New York! Thanks for reading!

Monday: AM- 12.2 with 8 strides at 6:50 pace. Felt great!
                PM- Easy 5.2 mile shakeout.  Total on the day: 17.4 miles

Tuesday: AM- Easy 4 mile shakeout as I am using it as an off day.

Wed:       AM- Easy 12.2. Holding off on the workouts legs dead and lower calf is really tight.

Thurs:     AM- Easy 4.4 before work. Right foot stiff and tight this morning.
                PM- 12.2 @ 648 pace with 10 by 20 second strides. Foot sore to start but better once I got   into the run. Total on the day:  16.6 miles

Friday:    Off day just want to play it safe as the right Heel/Achilles soreness is scaring me a bit. Normally I would train through it but missing so much time last spring has me being more cautious.

Saturday:   AM- 80 minutes on bike as I wanted to give the foot one more day.

Sunday:     AM- Easy 12. No time on it ran pretty easy but the right foot felt pretty good. Got the urge to run a few more miles but I convinced myself to play it safe!

Week Total: 62.2 miles on 4 days of training. Tough week but the extra rest will hopefully be a good thing!

Weekly Training October 9-15

3 weeks to go until the New York City Marathon. This was a great week of training as I had two longer workouts go pretty good. Thursday'...