Long Run Fueling

I was recently asked about my fueling habits during my long runs. For anyone that follows me on strava you will see I almost never take any calories in during long runs. The only time I will take in calories  is during a long run workout if I have over 10 miles of marathon pace running in it. I find that I have trained my body well over the years and it now does not require taking gels during easy long runs. My body has become more efficient at using its fat stores for energy instead of just relying on its carb stores. I can now do 20-28 miles without any calories and feel fine while doing it. As far as water goes I will take water if I need it,  but I have also trained myself to be able to handle long runs without it. For example this past week I ran a 21 miler with temperatures in the high 70’s and I didn’t take in any water during the run.This is a lot riskier than the calorie intake so anytime you feel like you need water then I would consume it. If I felt like I needed it I would…

The Start of Summer!

It has been a few weeks since my last post so I thought I would just provide a quick update. This past week was the end of the school year so I am now on summer vacation. Hopefully during this time I can get in some solid training as I try to work my way back from some minor injuries. If all goes well I will target a marathon or ultra marathon this fall!

I will also stay busy this summer coaching many athletes as my roster continues to grow. We are 10-12 weeks away from those last BQ marathons so if you are looking for a coach let me know as I am currently working with several athletes running these races. If you are running a later fall marathon     ( Chicago, New York, etc) then now is the time to work on speed (5k-half marathon range) as you try to become a better overall runner. So if you are looking to take your training to the next level and have a ton of fun while doing so then send me  message! Also check out my facebook page

One final note…

Global Running Day

Global Running Day
It has been a while since I have updated the blog but I figured global running day was a good day to post. Here is a quick update on what I have been up to recently. I have been battling some injury issues that have prevented me from doing any speed work. So I decided to pull out from running an ultra this June and just focus on getting fully healthy as the stride has just seemed off. Like I always tell my athletes if your body is telling you something is not right then you should probably look into it. So its back to strength work, treatment, and easy running this month as I try to get everything back on track!

On another topic summer road racing season is starting up as well as training for Fall marathons. If you want to take your running to the next level and want to give personal coaching a try. Personal coaching has many benefits as it allows the athlete to focus just on their training and not worry about what to do next for a workout. It is also preferred over…

Boston Marathon Weekend Tips!

Here are some tips and advice on what to expect race weekend. I think it will be helpful if this is your first Boston as it will give you an idea on what you will encounter. If you have done Boston before you probably have your routine down. Feel free to share this with other runners and if you could like my page( I will continue to share more tips as we get closer to race day. Two Weeks to go! Expo Best time to go in my opinion is either Friday or early Saturday if you can. It will still be crowded but once Saturday afternoon comes along it is really crowded!Make sure to grab a free poster once you walk into the adidas section. Every runner’s name is on this poster so it’s a nice little souvenir. Enjoy the expo! Do a little walking and get a souvenir especially if this is your first Boston. If you need any supplies like gels then this is your place to get them. Although I recommend bringing everything you need but just in case you forgot to pack some…

Boston Marathon Course Tips

Here is a course description I put on my facebook page. I plan to post more information
like this leading up to race day. So if you find this helpful or if you are looking for a
coaching plan for an upcoming race then check it out. If you could go to the page and
like it then that would be great as I would appreciate that! Hopefully you find it helpful. I also included Jack Daniels tips on the course at the end
of my write up as he is one of the best running coaches around. Enjoy! This is just my overview on the course and some tips that may be helpful. Start- Mile 5 *The first mile of the course is a steep downhill as you will drop over 100 feet in this mile. Don’t get carried as run relaxed and use this as a warmup to get your body ready for the
rest of the race. *Miles 2-5 will have you leaving the town of Hopkinton and entering Ashland. This
stretch of the race is slightly downhill as we go from 350 feet to 200 feet in elevation.…

Product Reviews!

I  recently got two products to try out for recovery and injury prevention purposes. I just wanted to thank those companies for their generosity. Below is a quick overview of each product.

The first product I got was a compression ankle sleeve from sleeve star. There are a lot of these on the market currently but this one is very affordable and comfortable. I am using it to treat my plantar fascia on my left foot and so far I am waking up with less stiffness. They make other great compression apparel as well so give their site a look at

The other product I received was the CTM Band. I got this product to try out since I have been dealing with a sore heel/plantar fascia for a few months now. This is a new product that was created by a sports chiropractor who is also an avid runner. Here is a quick overview on the product.

So far I have enjoyed testing this product out as it shows a lot of promise. So if you are having any injury issues  in the knees, hip, or feet ch…

Workout of the Month!

Tempo/ Hill Combo
Most runners at some point have done a tempo run or hill workout before as they are common workouts. However, not many runners have done a tempo/hill combination workout. This is one of my favorite workouts as it is working on your endurance and muscle power (speed) at the same time. It is a short effective workout that gives you a lot of “bang for you buck”. This is an effective workout that can be used whether you are training for a 5k or an ultra marathon. There are many variations of this workout and I will share some examples below.

Basic version: 3 mile tempo @ 10k-Half marathon pace. 3 minute easy recovery jog 5 by one minute hill repeats with jog down rest. Run the uphill’s at a hard effort and focus on attacking the hill. Your legs should be struggling towards the end of this!
* If you are a beginner runner feel free to do a 10-15 minutes for the tempo run. 
More Advanced option( tempo/hill/tempo) 2 mile tempo run @ 10k-HM pace 3 min easy jog 5 by one minute h…