Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekly Training September 11-17: 7 Weeks to NYC!

Weekly Training September 11-17

Solid week of training this week as I have been dealing with a bit of heel/Achilles soreness in the mornings but it ok during the runs. The two big runs this week was just a moderate workout on Thursday where I worked on some 5k-10k pace stuff. Then Sunday's long run was a long fartlek which I have not done in a while. Looking at old training logs this was a staple workout during the years I ran a PR so I got back to it this week. It fit in the schedule nicely as Sunday was very humid so it was easier doing random pickups instead of a long tempo. The long run fartlek was made famous by Bill Squires back in the 70's when his athletes won Boston numerous times. It just teaches the body to run fast when tired throughout the entire run. I plan to write a more detailed blog post on this type of workout in the future. So thanks for reading and here is this week's training!

Monday- Easy 13 with no time on the run. Heel was sore so I just kept the pace relaxed. 

Tuesday- AM: Easy shakeout run of 5.6 miles. 
                PM: 11.5 in 1:17:43( 6:45 pace). Leg speed day did 10 by 20 seconds at the park with 60 seconds rest in between. Daily Total: 17.1 miles

Wed-      AM: Easy shakeout run before work of 6 miles. 
               PM: Very easy 10 miles 73:00( 7:18 pace)

Thurs-    PM: 15.6 total. Did a moderate workout today as it was humid and I wanted to save something for a  tougher weekend workout. Did a fartlek: 5, 4, 3, 2, 3 by minute with minute rest. 4.15 miles in 23:00(5:35 pace). The 5 min pickup was at 5:04 pace.  Jogged .7 miles then did a 3 mile fartlek of running 40 seconds hard/ minute easy( 200's) in 17:55(5:59 pace). 

Friday-   AM:  Easy 5.8 before work. 
               PM: Easy 60 mins( 8.2 miles which is 7:18 pace)

Saturday-  AM: 80 mins with 6 by 20 seconds strides at the park. 11.1 miles( 7:12). Kept it easy as I have a bigger workout planned tomorrow. 

Sunday- AM: 4.1 warmup very humid 98% humidity felt lousy.Did a long run fartlek of 14.5 miles in 1:26. Then an easy cooldown. Total 22 miles in 2:20(6:21 pace)
Long Run Fartlek Workout
Did 10 hard, 10 easy
5 by 2 minutes with 3 minutes rest( pickup every 5 mins)
5 mins easy ( watched got screwed up here as it kept running when I grabbed water so I had to estimate a bit)
10 minutes hard, 5 easy.
15 by min hard/ 45 seconds easy.
Pretty solid workout as I got 14.5 miles in somewhere between 86 and 86:30 depends on the watch malfunction I think it was a closer to 86 minutes( 5:56 pace).
              PM: Easy 15-20 min shakeout. Used to do this all the time after hard longs runs as it helps recovery. No time on it but it was as slow as I could make myself go and probably close to 9 min pace. 2.2 miles as this run is more about recovery then the miles but I figured I would still log it when I am running this many miles!

Weekly Total: 108.8 miles

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weekly Training September 3- September 10

Weekly Training September 3- September 10

Very good bounce back week after last week’s setback. Going into this week I didn’t know what to expect as the heel/achilles/lower calf area was tight for the first half of the week. I almost skipped working out on Thursday but I decided to give it a try and I told myself that if the foot got sore I would stop. So glad I went ahead with it as it was a solid workout. I kept the pace pretty controlled since I was nervous but the 15 min tempo was at 5:19 pace and the entire fartlek was run at marathon pace. This was a good sign as the fartlek consisted of 31 minutes of hard running and 18:30 of easy jogging.  Sunday was a long depletion run with 10 by one minute pickups starting at mile 20. Mile splits for mile 21, 22, 23 were 5:51 pace and I ended up covering the marathon distance in 2:54:50( 6:40). Overall a great bounce back week of training!

Monday-  Med long run. Heel/calf sore to start but got better as I went along. 15.5 miles in 1:47:38( 6:57)

Tuesday-  AM: Easy 5.1 miles before work.

                  PM: Easy 75 mins. 10.6 miles @ 7:05 pace. Daily total: 15.7 miles.

Wednesday-  PM: Cancelled workout. Very humid and just drained as school was hot. Did an easy 12 around town no time on it. Ran about 5 miles with one of the high school kids that was out running. Good to run with someone for a change.

Thursday-  AM: Easy 4 before work.

                    PM: 6 miles of warming up/ cooldown. Workout of 15 min tempo(2.82 miles @5:19)/ 3:30 rest/16 by min on min off. Covered 8.7 miles in 49:30( 5:41 pace) Daily total: 18.7 miles

Friday-  PM: Easy 80 mins. Legs tired, body tired from staying up watching the pats. First 5 was at 730 pace before I started feeling better. 11 miles @ 7:16 pace.

Saturday-  AM: easy 60 minutes ( 8.2 miles @7:19 pace)

                    PM: Easy 4 mile shakeout. Daily Total: 12.2 miles.

Sunday-   Depletion long run. Did 10 by min on min off starting at mile 20 and split 5:51 for the next three miles. Solid long run and only toke water at mile 20 and no gels! Covered 26.2 miles in 2:54:50( 6:40 pace)
Weekly Total: 111.2 miles

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Weekly Training: August 28-September 3

This week was a bit of a challenge for me as it did not go as planned. On Tuesday I planned on a taking an off day where I just did a real slow 4 mile shakeout run. I had this day planned for weeks as I just wanted a light day before the new school year started on Wednesday. I planned to workout on Wednesday but my lower calf muscles were real tight so I held off. On my morning run Thursday I had stiffness in the heel area that stayed with me throughout the day. This really scared me a bit as it was the same area as last spring's injury. I decided to play it safe and take Friday and Saturday off and just use this week as a recovery week. I debated this plan for a few hours but after reading the NAZ elite training logs it helped calm my mind. Several of there pro athletes were taking a real light week of training( 2 days off, 2 real light days of training) so this gave me the confidence I needed to rest and treat the foot so I can get back at it next week.  I am feeling optimistic that the rest will help. I am not an athlete that normally plays it safe but as I age( 35 going on 36) I realize I have to listen to my body more and might have to be more cautious. So here is last week's training as it is nothing special but I got 9 more weeks of training to hit some big workouts before New York! Thanks for reading!

Monday: AM- 12.2 with 8 strides at 6:50 pace. Felt great!
                PM- Easy 5.2 mile shakeout.  Total on the day: 17.4 miles

Tuesday: AM- Easy 4 mile shakeout as I am using it as an off day.

Wed:       AM- Easy 12.2. Holding off on the workouts legs dead and lower calf is really tight.

Thurs:     AM- Easy 4.4 before work. Right foot stiff and tight this morning.
                PM- 12.2 @ 648 pace with 10 by 20 second strides. Foot sore to start but better once I got   into the run. Total on the day:  16.6 miles

Friday:    Off day just want to play it safe as the right Heel/Achilles soreness is scaring me a bit. Normally I would train through it but missing so much time last spring has me being more cautious.

Saturday:   AM- 80 minutes on bike as I wanted to give the foot one more day.

Sunday:     AM- Easy 12. No time on it ran pretty easy but the right foot felt pretty good. Got the urge to run a few more miles but I convinced myself to play it safe!

Week Total: 62.2 miles on 4 days of training. Tough week but the extra rest will hopefully be a good thing!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Weekly Training August 21- August 27

Weekly Training August 21- August 27

This was my last week of summer vacation as I go back to work for the school year on Wed. During these 9 weeks of training I averaged 104 miles per week. I had my ups and downs but I am just grateful I am training pain free after last spring's injury where I thought I might need surgery.
This week was a bit of a struggle as I was pretty tired all week but I guess that happens sometimes. Since I am still in a general phase of training I decided not to push the workouts as I don't want to force anything right now. Thursday's workout went better then expected as I covered 7 miles at 5:40 pace just by running 200 on/ 200 off so I was very pleased with that. Friday I had to sealcoat my driveway and my shoulders, neck, and back paid the price for it this weekend. The plan on Sunday was to do an hour fartlek during the long run but my body was beat. I decided to just do an easy 2 hours and not force anything as it was probably the worst I have felt all summer. I had also run 9 straight weeks of having a long run between 19-24 miles so I think having a lighter one this week worked out. As I get older I realize that forcing a workout when your body is not having it is not the smartest choice to make! Missing one workout in the grand scheme of things is not a big deal. I feel if you force a workout you can set yourself back for weeks. So the biggest advice I can give you is sometimes you have to listen to your body and adjust the training for that day! Anyways here is the weekly training and like always thanks for reading!

Monday: AM: 11.2 miles @ 7:12 pace. Pretty tired this morning. 
                PM:  Easy 5.5 mile shakeout at 7:38 pace. Daily Total: 16.7 miles

Tuesday: AM: 1 hour 45 minute med/long run with 8 strides. Covered 15.3 miles(6:52 pace)

Wed:       AM: Slow easy 9.1 miles( 7:28). Was up multiple times for the night as the dog kept having to go out. Just not into this run at all!
               PM: Shakeout 4 miles no time on it. Daily Total: 13.1 miles

Thurs:    AM: Crazy day as I had decided to seal the driveway today and skip running. Got all the prep work done and realized the hose was broken. So at 10 am decided to head out for a run. Was all messed up mentally so I didn't do a structured workout or have anything planned. Ended up doing 24 by 40 seconds on/ minute easy fartlek. Just want to get at least 200 meters in and figured this was a safe estimate of 200 on/200 off. Went better then expected covered 6.85 miles in 39:00(5:41 pace). 13.3 total on the morning run with warmup/cool down. 
               PM:  Slow easy shakeout 5.3 miles( 7:45 pace) Daily Total: 18 miles

Friday- AM: Easy 9 miles in 65:00( 7:18 pace)
             PM:  Easy 6 after sealcoating the driveway= dead! Daily Total: 15 miles

Saturday-  AM: Easy 10.5 miles with 6 strides right after waking up so it toke a while to get loose. 75 minute run which was 7:09 pace. 

Sunday-  AM: Cancelled Long run Fartlek. Stomach was off this morning and body was sore/dead. An easy 2 hour just survival run! 17.5 in 2:02(6:59 pace)
               PM:  Had to go get one thing at Stop and Shop so I decided to jog up there. Went the long way and actually felt pretty good! 3.5 miles. Daily Total: 21 miles

Weekly Total: 110 miles

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekly Training August 14-20

Another solid week of training! The last 8 weeks I have averaged 103 miles a week so I have been able to get into a nice consistent training routine. We are now 11 weeks out from NYC so the workouts will start getting tougher so we will see how it goes. Going forward I have to make sure I get back to doing the little things like foam rolling and stretching as I have been slacking in that area. Thanks for reading and here is last week's training!

Monday- Did not feel like running twice today. Was tired from yesterday's 24 miles. Ran easy with no time on it ended up being 12.8 miles. Thought it was closer to 10-11. Oh well!

Tues-  AM: 11.5 with 8 by 20 second strides in 80:00( 6:55 pace)
            PM: Easy Shakeout of 4.1 miles. Daily Total: 15.6 miles

Wed- AM: 21 by min on min off workout. Covered 7.23 miles in 42:00(5:48 pace). Solid workout as I never felt good of the warm weather. 5.6 miles of warmup/ cooldown.
          PM: Easy Shakeout of 5.25 in 39:30. Daily Total: 18 miles

Thurs- AM: Easy 80 min recovery run. Very tired this morning. 11 miles( 7:16 pace)
             PM:  Easy 5.2 miles 39:30 ( 7:35 pace). Daily Total: 16.2 miles

Fri-  AM: Easy with 8 by 20 second strides at the park. 12.4 in 85:50(6:55 pace)

Sat-  AM: easy 8.3 in 62:00( 7:28 pace)
         PM: Easy shakeout of 4.7 in 36:00( 7:40 pace) Daily Total: 13 miles

Sunday- Long Run. The plan was 18 with the last 3 miles as a fast finish. However, I did not feel great as my right calf was a bit tight. So at mile 14 I ran 12 by 40 seconds hard with one minute rest. I decided to do this as I could watch the calf more closely this way. Had no issues with it. Pretty solid run and did not take water at all which might of been a mistake since it was warm.
19.1 miles in 2:10( 6:48)

Weekly Total: 107.2 miles

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why You Should Add Strides To Your Training Program!


Strides are defined as short accelerations of up to 100 meters run at 85 to 90 percent effort.Studies show that strides are one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your running.However, the vast majority of runners do not include strides in their training programs. Here are a few reasons why I think you should start adding strides into your easy runs 2-3 days a week.

First strides are a great way to improve your running mechanics. Since they are short in duration it is easy to focus on your mechanics.  Work on the basics like keeping your arms,shoulders, face all relaxed and loose.  It is hard to focus on your mechanics  during a normal run so strides provide a great oppurtunity to do this. Another great reason for strides is it allows you to get a little bit of fast running into a normal run. Since they are short in duration they are not going to tire you out. Strides will also help prepare you for future races and workouts. One more great reason for strides is that they can loosen the legs up. Running mile after mile can get the legs tight but when you do a stride it can actually help loosen up tight muscles. Next time you are out on a recovery run I challenge you to add some strides into the run so you can see the benefit they have on tight muscles.

There are two ways to do strides. The most popular way is after your run is over you do 6 by 100 meter strides with about 60-90 seconds rest between them. This is a nice way to do them but sometimes you just don't have that extra five minutes after a run to do this. So here is the way that I like to include strides into my training. Towards the end of the run just throw in 6-8 by 20 second strides with 60-90 seconds easy jog in between. For example if I am out on a 10 mile run I will start my strides at around 8.5 miles. This is a great way to do them as you are saving time and it is also being included in your mileage. By doing strides towards the end of a run you can no longer use the excuse that you do not have time to do them after the run. So if you want to improve your running I highly recommend you start adding strides into your easy runs 2-3 days a week and I guarantee you will be impressed with the results!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Weekly Training August 6- 13. 12 Weeks to NYC!

Another solid week of training! Starting to do some of my recovery runs without timing it. Running without a time on the run just allows me to relax more which is the objective of my recovery runs! Two solid days this week with the modified Mono Fartlek on Thursday and the long depletion run on Sunday. 12 weeks to go until NYC and next week I will be starting to get into some longer workouts.

Monday-    AM:  Easy with 10 by 20 second strides at the park. 11.1 miles in 78:40( 7:05 pace)
                   PM:  Easy Shakeout of 5.2 miles. Total Daily Mileage- 16.3 miles

Tuesday- Off day as I was gone all day at Patriots Training Camp enjoying a a VIP experience I won in a contest. Did run an easy mile to test a protype racing shoe from Hoka. Pretty cool shoe and excited to get some workouts done in it.

Wed-    AM: Dragging this morning. 12.2 miles no time on this run.
              PM:   Easy shakeout run of 4.3 miles. Total Daily Mileage- 16.5 miles

Thurs- AM: Extended version of a Mono Fartlek. 4 by 90, 4 by 60, 4 by 30 with equal steady recovery jogs. Really tried to keep the steady recovery jogs honest. This was tough since there was no true recovery period. Covered 4.2 miles in 23:30( 5:35 pace). After that I jogged for a half mile then went into 10 by 20 seconds hard with minute rest. Total mileage with the warmup/cooldown was 12.3 miles.
            PM: Easy 5.4 miles in 41:00( 7:40 pace) Total Daily Mileage- 17.7 miles

Friday- AM: 10.2 miles. Left the watch at home as I am trying to take my recovery days very easy.
              PM: Easy shakeout run of 4.5 miles. Total Daily Mileage: 14.7 miles

Saturday- 11.8 miles in 75:25( 7:14 pace)

Sunday- Sunday Long Run! 23.9 miles in 2:41:35 ( 6:46 pace)
I originally had two plans going into today's run. Pickups or a lighter long run of 17. Did neither of those two options lol! Right calf was a bit tight where it connects to the Achilles so I did not want to push the pace at all. After an hour I decided to just do an easy extra long run of 2 hours 40 minutes. Calf loosened up after 10 miles as it was probably the shoes still needing to be broken in. Toke water at 19 and that was it. Felt very strong at the end. Just under 24 miles. New GPS watch came but It didn't charge last night so I could not use it yet.

Weekly Total: 101.9 miles on basically 6 days! Thanks for reading  and if you have any question on my training or anything you would like me to write about please contact me as I would love to hear from you.

Weekly Training September 11-17: 7 Weeks to NYC!

Weekly Training September 11-17 Solid week of training this week as I have been dealing with a bit of heel/Achilles soreness in the m...