What's Next: New York City Marathon or Ultra Debut

Welcome to the site! I decided it was time to start blogging and sharing my passion about running.  I am recently coming back from a chronic Heel/Achilles injury that forced me to skip Boston this past spring. I had been suffering with heel pain for the last six months and was wondering if my running career would ever get back on track. After a few months of therapy at Michaud Chiropractic my injury has responded well to training and I am considering racing again! I am currently trying to decide about my fall racing plans. I was offered a sub elite number to the NYC marathon where I will get the V.I.P. treatment of the elites. I was not planning to run this race this year as my original plan had me running my debut at the ultra marathon distance. However,  I feel like this opportunity may be to good to pass up. As I age I know there won't be many more opportunities where I qualify for this program which has me leaning towards the NYC marathon this fall. Also, it's Meb's last marathon ever so it  would be cool to hang out with him in the warmup area before the race! I have to officially decide by the end of July but as you can tell I am leaning towards the NYC marathon. No matter what race I choose, I will share my training going forward!

Also, another reason I started this blog was to expand my coaching business. I got back into coaching last fall and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Helping other runners reach their goals is just as rewarding to me as my own success. I am a dedicated coach that really puts in the time to learn about each athlete and create a plan that suits their lifestyle. If you want to take your training to the next level or just complete your first 5k race then message me as I can design a individualized program for you to reach your goals.

That is all for now and thank you for checking out the blog and feel free to pass it along to others!


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