Weekly Training July 16-July 22

This week was a bit of a challenge as we had another heat wave in the Boston area. The warm weather and humidity did challenge me physically and mentally as I recovered a bit slower then normal. However, I would consider this a great training week hitting 97 miles on 6 days. I have the urge to sneak out later on tonight for an easy three miles to hit 100 miles for the week but I got to stick to my original plan. I don't want to chase miles for no reason as there are still 14 weeks until the race. The younger version of me would head out later on to hit 100 miles but I think I am a little wiser in my old age! Anyways here is the week of training I put together!

Monday: A.M-Easy 80 minute run(11.2 miles). Tried taking it slow today as I want to do a workout tomorrow.
                P.M-  Easy 4.3 mile shakeout run. No time on it. Total on the day ( 15.5 miles)

Tuesday: Woke up exhausted and decided to take a day off. It has been a month since my last complete day off so I decided to listen to my body and rest. Did 60 minutes on stationary bike.

Wed:    A.M.- Warm 90 and humid. Did a hill workout on High Street. 5.4 warmup/3.3 cooldown.
                       8 hill repeats ( 2 by .33(Pine St), 2 by .19(Forest St), 6 by .127 (Obrien ave)
             P.M-  Shakeout run of 42 minutes ( 5.8 miles). Felt pretty good! Total on the day( 18.2)

Thurs:    Another 90 degree day so once I got out there I just felt like running once. Did a medium long run of 16.1 miles in 1:51:55(6:57 pace)

Friday:    A.M- Easy 10.4 miles with 6 strides at the park in 74:00(7:07 pace)
                P.M- Easy shakeout run of 4.3 miles in 33:00( 7:40) Total on day (14.7 miles)

Saturday- Long run. Almost skipped it as legs have been tired and tight. Ran easy until 16 miles then did 12 by 40 seconds hard with a minute easy jog as rest. Just focused on getting some turnover work in on tired legs. Figured 40 seconds was a safe estimate for 200 meters. Total time 2:23:15(6:44 pace) for 21.3 miles.

Sunday- Easy 81 minute recovery run. 11.2 miles ( 7:14 pace)

Total: 97 miles on 6 days and 9 runs. Another solid week of work!


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