Weekly Training July 24-30

This week was another good week of training as I continue to build my base. It ended up being my highest mileage week since the injury( January) and I am feeling strong. This past week I also committed to running the New York City Marathon in November. The next fourteen weeks of training will be a lot of fun as I get ready for this great race!

Week of Training July 24-30
Monday- PM: 15 miles 1:46:50 (7:07). Skipped the morning run as it was cold and raining. Almost cut this run short. Was running 7:30's early on and very unmotivated. Finally I got a bit angry at myself foe being a wimp of the weather and picked it up and ended up doing a medium/long run.

Tuesday- AM: 11.1 miles with 8 strides at the park. Did not the time the run.
                PM:  4.5 mile shakeout run. Again did not time this run.

Wed-      AM: 12.3 miles 85:10 ( 6:55 pace).

Thursday- AM: Workout. 3.4 warmup and 2.4 cool down. Workout was 6 min tempo run ( 5:20 mile pace) 2 min rest then 16 by min on min off. Total of the fartlek 6.9 miles in 40:00 ( 5:47). Total mileage of the morning run was 12.7 miles

                  PM: Easy Shakeout run of 5.4 miles.

Friday- AM: 10.2 miles 74:00 ( 7:15 pace). Very Tired today!
             PM:  4.4 miles  34:00  ( 7:44). Easy Shakeout run.

Saturday-   12  miles 1:23:35( 6:58 pace). Leg Speed day.  10 by 20 second sprints at the park with a minute easy jog in between them. Just a longer version of strides to get the legs moving.

Sunday- 19 miles 2:08:30 ( 6:45 pace). Plan was to cut back on the long run a bit this week since the last three weeks have been 20-22 miles. Was only planning 18 but it turned into 19 as I was running faster then I thought. I was assuming I was running 7:00 pace as it felt relaxed but it was much quicker. So I guess I am getting fit as it felt easy!

Total Mileage: 106.5 miles on 10 runs.


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