Sunday, August 13, 2017

Weekly Training August 6- 13. 12 Weeks to NYC!

Another solid week of training! Starting to do some of my recovery runs without timing it. Running without a time on the run just allows me to relax more which is the objective of my recovery runs! Two solid days this week with the modified Mono Fartlek on Thursday and the long depletion run on Sunday. 12 weeks to go until NYC and next week I will be starting to get into some longer workouts.

Monday-    AM:  Easy with 10 by 20 second strides at the park. 11.1 miles in 78:40( 7:05 pace)
                   PM:  Easy Shakeout of 5.2 miles. Total Daily Mileage- 16.3 miles

Tuesday- Off day as I was gone all day at Patriots Training Camp enjoying a a VIP experience I won in a contest. Did run an easy mile to test a protype racing shoe from Hoka. Pretty cool shoe and excited to get some workouts done in it.

Wed-    AM: Dragging this morning. 12.2 miles no time on this run.
              PM:   Easy shakeout run of 4.3 miles. Total Daily Mileage- 16.5 miles

Thurs- AM: Extended version of a Mono Fartlek. 4 by 90, 4 by 60, 4 by 30 with equal steady recovery jogs. Really tried to keep the steady recovery jogs honest. This was tough since there was no true recovery period. Covered 4.2 miles in 23:30( 5:35 pace). After that I jogged for a half mile then went into 10 by 20 seconds hard with minute rest. Total mileage with the warmup/cooldown was 12.3 miles.
            PM: Easy 5.4 miles in 41:00( 7:40 pace) Total Daily Mileage- 17.7 miles

Friday- AM: 10.2 miles. Left the watch at home as I am trying to take my recovery days very easy.
              PM: Easy shakeout run of 4.5 miles. Total Daily Mileage: 14.7 miles

Saturday- 11.8 miles in 75:25( 7:14 pace)

Sunday- Sunday Long Run! 23.9 miles in 2:41:35 ( 6:46 pace)
I originally had two plans going into today's run. Pickups or a lighter long run of 17. Did neither of those two options lol! Right calf was a bit tight where it connects to the Achilles so I did not want to push the pace at all. After an hour I decided to just do an easy extra long run of 2 hours 40 minutes. Calf loosened up after 10 miles as it was probably the shoes still needing to be broken in. Toke water at 19 and that was it. Felt very strong at the end. Just under 24 miles. New GPS watch came but It didn't charge last night so I could not use it yet.

Weekly Total: 101.9 miles on basically 6 days! Thanks for reading  and if you have any question on my training or anything you would like me to write about please contact me as I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Leg Strength/ Mobility Routine!

Here is a basic leg strength and mobility routine that I try to do twice a week. I perform two sets of ten reps on all the exercises. It should not take more then 15-20 minutes in time once you get the hang of it. I like to do this routine on days where I am tired and sore as it tends to loosen the muscles up. Enjoy and if you have any questions let me know!

1) Single leg raises
Hold each for 2-3 seconds and focus on keeping the leg straight.

2) Side Bridge leg lift
Just lift the top leg up and try to focus on keeping it straight. The first picture is more advanced but if you struggle with holding yourself up try the version in picture two until your strength improves.

3) Fire Hydrants
Assume all-fours position. Lift leg directly to side and briefly ( 2-3 seconds)  and make sure to keep knee around 90 degrees. Lower to start position.
4) Fire Hydrant Circles
Could not find a picture for this. Lift one of the knees up off the ground and just make 10 circles with it to work on hip flexibility. Then switch sides.

5) Donkey kicks 
Start this excervise by keeping  your abdominal muscles drawn in toward your spine. Lift one leg up behind you while keeping your knee bent, and raise your leg until it is in line with your body and your flexed foot is parallel to the ceiling.

6) Superman's 

Lay face down with your arms outstretched. Keep your hands and arms straight throughout the exercise. Raise your hand and legs 4-5 inches off the ground. Hold for 3-5 seconds, then return to starting position.

7) Alternating arm/leg Superman ( strengthens upper and lower back)
Same as above but you will be doing opposite arm/leg. So start by doing right arm/ left leg for ten reps then switch to the left arm/ right leg.

8) Forward Lunges
Keep your upper body straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed and chin up (pick a point to stare at in front of you so you don't keep looking down). Always engage your core. Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle.
9) Reverse LungesTo begin, stand tall with your hands at your hips or overhead, which is the more challenging of the two positions. Take a large and controlled step backward with your left foot. Lower your hips so that your right thigh (front leg) becomes parallel to the floor with your right knee positioned directly over your ankle.

10) Squats
Stand in a shoulder-width stance with toes pointed slightly outward.Lower into a squat position by pushing your hips back and bending your knees until the crease of the hip drops below knee level. Pause at the bottom of the movement, and then extend hips and knees upward, explosively pushing yourself back to the starting position.
11) Leg Swings

Find a wall or something to hold on to and just focus on swinging one leg and try to keep it straight. 

Weekly Training July 31- August 6

This week I had a bit of a scare on Friday with my foot flaring up but I was able to get it under control pretty quickly. The good news is the flare up was just pain on the outside ankle and not in my heel or Achilles. I believe I tweaked it a bit when wearing a newer pair of shoes that was not broken in. After doing some icing and stretching it is feeling much better now. This was my highest mileage week since January and another positive step in the right direction. 13 Weeks to go until NYC!

Monday: AM- 15.1 in 1:45 ( 6:58 pace). Med/Long day after the long run. Solid day after running 19 yesterday.

Tuesday: AM- Easy recovery run. 11.1 miles in 79:30 ( 7:10). Pretty tired this morning.
                   PM- Easy shakeout. 5.2 miles in 40:00 ( 7:40 pace)

Wed:    AM- Easy with strides. Dragging a bit this morning so forced myself to run pretty slow. Did 6 strides at the park to loosen the legs up. 12.2 miles in 1:26:25 ( 7:05)

Thurs: AM- Workout Day. Humid morning. 3.6 warmup/ 1.9 cool down. Workout was 6 by 3 minutes with 90 sec rest. Covered just under 5.5 miles( 5:44 pace). Half mile jog then did 8 by 40 seconds hard with one minute recovery. Just to work on turnover when tired. Felt pretty good today. Total mileage: 12.5 miles
             PM-  Easy recovery shakeout. 5.1 miles in 39:00 ( 7:39 pace). Daily total: 17.6 miles

Friday: AM- No time just an easy 9.2 miles. Ran in a newer pair of Clifton 2's that I have had for a while. Still not broken in but I went with them and they really bothered my foot after the run.
             PM- Almost skipped this but gave a try and foot was better in a different shoe. Still sore though. 5.2 miles with no time on in. Total on the day- 14.4 miles.

Saturday- AM: Foot still tender but it is more the inside part of the ankle and not the heel. Hurts to move it ciruclar. Went to run at 8 and stopped as it was sore. Did core and stretched and tried again at 10 and it was better and pretty tolerable. Did 11.1 miles but I did not time it as I didn't think the run was going to happen!

Sunday-  AM: Easy long run. Cool weather today( 70) so I had to take advantage and go over 20 miles. Did 21.2 miles in 2:26:00( 6:53 pace)

Week Total: 108 miles

Weekly Training August 6- 13. 12 Weeks to NYC!

Another solid week of training! Starting to do some of my recovery runs without timing it. Running without a time on the run just allows me ...