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Weekly Training August 21- August 27

Weekly Training August 21- August 27
This was my last week of summer vacation as I go back to work for the school year on Wed. During these 9 weeks of training I averaged 104 miles per week. I had my ups and downs but I am just grateful I am training pain free after last spring's injury where I thought I might need surgery.
This week was a bit of a struggle as I was pretty tired all week but I guess that happens sometimes. Since I am still in a general phase of training I decided not to push the workouts as I don't want to force anything right now. Thursday's workout went better then expected as I covered 7 miles at 5:40 pace just by running 200 on/ 200 off so I was very pleased with that. Friday I had to sealcoat my driveway and my shoulders, neck, and back paid the price for it this weekend. The plan on Sunday was to do an hour fartlek during the long run but my body was beat. I decided to just do an easy 2 hours and not force anything as it was probably the worst I have …

Weekly Training August 14-20

Another solid week of training! The last 8 weeks I have averaged 103 miles a week so I have been able to get into a nice consistent training routine. We are now 11 weeks out from NYC so the workouts will start getting tougher so we will see how it goes. Going forward I have to make sure I get back to doing the little things like foam rolling and stretching as I have been slacking in that area. Thanks for reading and here is last week's training!

Monday- Did not feel like running twice today. Was tired from yesterday's 24 miles. Ran easy with no time on it ended up being 12.8 miles. Thought it was closer to 10-11. Oh well!

Tues-  AM: 11.5 with 8 by 20 second strides in 80:00( 6:55 pace)
            PM: Easy Shakeout of 4.1 miles. Daily Total: 15.6 miles

Wed- AM: 21 by min on min off workout. Covered 7.23 miles in 42:00(5:48 pace). Solid workout as I never felt good of the warm weather. 5.6 miles of warmup/ cooldown.
          PM: Easy Shakeout of 5.25 in 39:30. Daily Total: 18 m…

Why You Should Add Strides To Your Training Program!

Strides Strides are defined as short accelerations of up to 100 meters run at 85 to 90 percent effort.Studies show that strides are one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your running.However, the vast majority of runners do not include strides in their training programs. Here are a few reasons why I think you should start adding strides into your easy runs 2-3 days a week.

First strides are a great way to improve your running mechanics. Since they are short in duration it is easy to focus on your mechanics.  Work on the basics like keeping your arms,shoulders, face all relaxed and loose.  It is hard to focus on your mechanics  during a normal run so strides provide a great oppurtunity to do this. Another great reason for strides is it allows you to get a little bit of fast running into a normal run. Since they are short in duration they are not going to tire you out. Strides will also help prepare you for future races and workouts. One more great reason for strides …

Weekly Training August 6- 13. 12 Weeks to NYC!

Another solid week of training! Starting to do some of my recovery runs without timing it. Running without a time on the run just allows me to relax more which is the objective of my recovery runs! Two solid days this week with the modified Mono Fartlek on Thursday and the long depletion run on Sunday. 12 weeks to go until NYC and next week I will be starting to get into some longer workouts.

Monday-    AM:  Easy with 10 by 20 second strides at the park. 11.1 miles in 78:40( 7:05 pace)
                   PM:  Easy Shakeout of 5.2 miles. Total Daily Mileage- 16.3 miles

Tuesday- Off day as I was gone all day at Patriots Training Camp enjoying a a VIP experience I won in a contest. Did run an easy mile to test a protype racing shoe from Hoka. Pretty cool shoe and excited to get some workouts done in it.

Wed-    AM: Dragging this morning. 12.2 miles no time on this run.
              PM:   Easy shakeout run of 4.3 miles. Total Daily Mileage- 16.5 miles

Thurs- AM: Extended version of a Mono Fa…

Leg Strength/ Mobility Routine!

Here is a basic leg strength and mobility routine that I try to do twice a week. I perform two sets of ten reps on all the exercises. It should not take more then 15-20 minutes in time once you get the hang of it. I like to do this routine on days where I am tired and sore as it tends to loosen the muscles up. Enjoy and if you have any questions let me know!

1) Single leg raises
Hold each for 2-3 seconds and focus on keeping the leg straight.

2) Side Bridge leg lift
Just lift the top leg up and try to focus on keeping it straight. The first picture is more advanced but if you struggle with holding yourself up try the version in picture two until your strength improves.

3) Fire Hydrants
Assume all-fours position. Lift leg directly to side and briefly ( 2-3 seconds)  and make sure to keep knee around 90 degrees. Lower to start position.
4) Fire Hydrant Circles
Could not find a picture for this. Lift one of the knees up off the ground and just make 10 circles with it to work on hip flexibility…

Weekly Training July 31- August 6

This week I had a bit of a scare on Friday with my foot flaring up but I was able to get it under control pretty quickly. The good news is the flare up was just pain on the outside ankle and not in my heel or Achilles. I believe I tweaked it a bit when wearing a newer pair of shoes that was not broken in. After doing some icing and stretching it is feeling much better now. This was my highest mileage week since January and another positive step in the right direction. 13 Weeks to go until NYC!

Monday: AM- 15.1 in 1:45 ( 6:58 pace). Med/Long day after the long run. Solid day after running 19 yesterday.

Tuesday: AM- Easy recovery run. 11.1 miles in 79:30 ( 7:10). Pretty tired this morning.
                   PM- Easy shakeout. 5.2 miles in 40:00 ( 7:40 pace)

Wed:    AM- Easy with strides. Dragging a bit this morning so forced myself to run pretty slow. Did 6 strides at the park to loosen the legs up. 12.2 miles in 1:26:25 ( 7:05)

Thurs: AM- Workout Day. Humid morning. 3.6 warmup/ 1.9 cool…