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All athletes can benefit from having a coach. I have experience working with beginning runners, high school runners, college runners, and elite level runners. Training programs can be designed for the 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or ultra marathon distance. I have experience working in all these areas and have helped many athletes reach that  "BQ" standard that many runners dream of !
A positive and motivated coach I will work constantly to help you achieve your running goals.

The plans I develop are personalized and updated frequently based on how the training is going. After a call or email where I learn about your background I will develop the training schedule on a weekly or bi weekly basis. You will log on your runs on Strava and I will comment and encourage you on your workouts. You will also have access to email me with questions or concerns on the training. I will also check in weekly to see how things are progressing.

Pricing options:
Virtual Personal Coaching
$79-$99 for virtual personal coaching. Pricing depends on the two options available which are weekly check ins or unlimited contact by email. Discounts available for the first month if you want to test it out first. Contact me for more details.

Customized Training Plans
After an initial email about your running history, injury history, goals, and running preferences, I will create you a individualized  12-week or 16 week plan. It will include weekly mileage, speed workouts, long runs, cross-training, and core workouts. These plans do not come with unlimited email access but if you just need a little structure to your running this is a great choice.

12 week plan: $60 
16 week plan: $80

Please email me if you are interested: or

I also coach through and you can pick me as a coach when you sign up. 

*HOWEVER, if you cannot pay the full price due to income, let me know and we can work out something. I enjoy coaching runners so much and I want to be able to help as many people as possible reach their goals!

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