Coaching Philosphy

My coaching philosophy is pretty simple. I believe no two athletes are alike as everyone responds differently to different workouts and weekly mileage. The first step in a successful coach/athlete relationship is learning about the athlete. A coach must know the athlete's background to determine weekly mileage and which speed workouts to assign. This is critical in keeping the athlete healthy. It is also important to learn about the athlete's home and work life as these stressors can contribute to fatigue and injury as well. Not every athlete can handle running seven days a week so I will design a training plan based on how many days the athlete thinks they can handle.

I will also work hard to keep the training fun! I like to mix a variety of workouts in like fartlek's, track work, hills, tempo runs, and long runs. I don't like to repeat workouts that frequently as I believe in mixing it up so the workouts don't get boring. I will encourage you to have fun training but at the same time  we will work hard at achieving your goals!


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