Favorite Running Sites

Here are some of my favorite running websites that I think you may enjoy.

1)  A great website for running related news.

2)  A great site that is following a pro running group out of Arizona. My favorite part is the athlete's training logs as they share their daily workouts.

3)  Competitor running is another website with great articles on all aspects of running.

4) A new website with a wealth of information from training, nutrition, shoes, and much more.

5) The morning shakeout is a weekly newsletter on running with some great insight.

6) Runnerspace is a website dealing with results and videos of pro events.

7) Pro runner Ryan Vail's blog where he shares his weekly training.

8) New website by Sports Illustrated writer Chris Chavez. This site is great as it features some great stories and recaps.

9) A website for running shoes and gear. Free 2 day shipping and free returns.

10) A great site for healthy organic bars and gels. I am grateful to them as they are sponsoring me for the upcoming year. The bars are very tasty so give them a try!

If anyone has any suggestions on some great sites let me know!


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